About Resumoxie

Hi there!

KyleWhat do you get when you mix a spin doctress with an eagle-eye grammar geek who has a flair for design?

Meet Kyle of Resumoxie.

Balancing meticulous attention to detail with creative panache for more than a decade, Kyle loves collaborating with her clients to create custom resumes and professional documents that make a lasting impression. Her resume philosophy is simple, yet effective: don’t say what you did – convey why it mattered.

Thanks to her left-and-right-brain combination of strengths, Kyle can apply her eagle eye to your best resume draft, unleash her writing prowess to revamp your content, or transform a bland format into a custom design that reflects your professional style.

Kyle works personally with clients to craft impact-focused bullets and narratives that tell the story of their professional journeys. Whether it’s reframing the value of an entry-level internship or concisely capturing expertise gained after decades in the workforce, Kyle empowers professionals at all levels to understand, communicate, and defend the value they will bring to their next position.

Kyle is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches. Connect with her on LinkedIn!