Here’s what others are saying:

I have been using Kyle’s resume services for five years, and she is the best of the best! I would not have landed my jobs as quickly without her expert advice and guidance. Her keen eye for detail and ability to see the ‘big picture’ of your resume set her apart from the rest.

– Kristen L.

As a Health Care Professional working at the same hospital for the last 28 years, I turned to Resumoxie for much needed assistance in updating my resume. I provided Resumoxie with my basic information, and answered several clarifying questions that made me rethink the way I was communicating my professional impact. The resume that resulted was concise, professionally worded, and well formatted. I believe my resume strongly contributed to the job offer I received and accepted!

– Peggy V.

I’d played with my resume multiple times and in the midst of a frantic job hunt, I was in a panic. Kyle stepped in and cleaned up my resume, making it much more focused and better highlighting my strengths. She tailored the language to appeal more to prospective employers. Within a few months, I had interviews for three potential positions and landed one shortly thereafter.

– Julia H.

I had less than a week to submit a resume and prepare for an interview from a financial firm in New York, and Resumoxie really came through for me with the rush package. Within just a few days and after some really helpful conversations, I had a better looking resume that read much more strategically, and felt confident in my ability to make a great impression on-and-off paper.

– Jake D.

Kyle took my old content to the next level and helped me communicate the true impact of my work, better than myself or anyone has before. I finally feel confident having a resume that I believe expresses my true potential.

– Megan S.

I moved to a new city and had to find a job quickly. Resumoxie helped me put my best foot forward and stand out in a competitive environment where I had limited connections. I’ve used Resumoxie a second time since then and would recommend them to anyone!

– Paige P.

I thought I was in a great place with my resume content, but Resumoxie showed me how to position it even more strategically and highlight my key accomplishments. I also got a new resume design that was much cleaner, more polished, and reader friendly. The interview coaching was especially helpful – a great way to understand how my resume can work to support and enhance my in-person interview performance!

– Katherine D.

I was in an interview and the person meeting with me literally said: “This is the best resume I have ever seen!” Resumoxie played a huge part in me landing that job!

– Jordan R.

I was first referred to Resumoxie from my sister-in-law. Within no time at all, I had a completely revamped professional resume and cover letters as well. Shortly after, I was receiving phone calls from the companies I applied for asking me to come in for interviews and complementing me on my impressive resume. Thanks to Kyle, I had the confidence to get back into the business world with no fear!

– Margaret S.