Resume + Moxie = Resumoxie

The equation is simple, but the product resounds. Resumoxie helps you combine resume best practices with smarter content and an updated look and feel. The idea is simple: stand out, score an interview, and get hired.

How Does Resumoxie Work?

The Resumoxie experience is a partnership. We take the traditional rules and infrastructure of what makes a classically strong resume, and combine those best practices with smarter content and an updated look and feel.

Step 1

We spend time with you discussing your current resume and asking targeted questions that will help frame your skills and value strategically. We’ll also get a sense of your style and personality, which will be reflected in your document design.

Step 2

Following the initial conversation, you’ll receive a draft of your document with custom Resumoxie recommendations.

Step 3

At this point, you fact-check and clarify content with us making sure you feel comfortable relaying the information and supporting it in an interview. Resumoxie will go back and forth with you until you’re delighted and confident.

Need Help With Your Resume?

Whether you’re looking for a resume overhaul or just a review, we have packages for whatever you need!

User Reviews:

Join the Happy Clients of Resumoxie and see why they love it so much!

“I was in an interview and the person meeting with me literally said: ‘This is the best resume I have ever seen!’ Resumoxie played a huge part in me landing that job!”  — Jordan R.