Resume + Moxie = Resumoxie

The equation is simple: stand out, score an interview, and get hired.


The Resumoxie Partnership

We’ll work together to take the traditional rules and structure of what makes a classically strong resume, and combine those best practices with smarter content and an updated look and feel – totally customized for your next step.



We spend time discussing your current resume and asking targeted questions that will help frame your skills and value strategically. I’ll also get a sense of your style and personality, which will be reflected in your document design.



Following the initial conversation, you’ll receive a draft of your document – typically one week after onboarding.



We review and confirm content together to make sure you’re confident about your information and feel comfortable defending it in an interview. We go back and forth until you’re thrilled.


About Kyle LeBlanc

What do you get when you mix a spin doctress with an eagle-eye grammar geek who has a flair for design? Meet Kyle of Resumoxie. Balancing meticulous attention to detail with creative panache for more than a decade, Kyle loves collaborating with clients to create custom resumes and professional documents that make a lasting impression. Whether it’s reframing the value of an entry-level internship or concisely capturing expertise gained after years in the workforce, Kyle has empowered hundreds of professionals to understand, communicate, and defend the value they will bring to their next position. Kyle is also frequently invited by companies, associations, and universities to give interactive presentations to professionals and student groups on personal branding, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interview skills, and more.


95% of Resumoxie Clients Come From Personal Referrals

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What Are Your Moxie Needs?

Take a look at the Resumoxie packages and reach out when you're ready to get started!

Resumoxie Signature Overhaul


The best Resumoxie has to offer: Customized content improvements that convey your unique value-add as an employee by emphasizing impact and results. A professional, memorable, and strategic document design. Eagle-eye editing, with attention to spelling, grammar, consistency, and information organization. Coaching to defend and verbally enhance your resume in an interview. And phone or email consultations to support the above.



Social networking has never been more important in your career, and this package will help position you strategically online. I’m constantly watching the evolving best practices on LinkedIn and how SEO comes into play on your profile.

LinkedIn for Overhaulers


The LinkedIn package available at a discounted rate for clients that have purchased the Resumoxie Signature Overhaul.

Custom Cover Letter


Take your application to the next level with a cover letter that serves as a strategic compliment to your resume, framing your skills and moxie in a way that shows you can do the job AND that you’re the best person for it.

Additional Cover Letters


Available for clients that already have one Resumoxie cover letter, this package is for a different version of that letter custom tailored to another industry, skill set, specific position, etc. Add as many cover letters as you like!

Undergrad Special


Special pricing for the Resumoxie Signature Overhaul, exclusively for current undergraduates and high school students. I can often work these in on shorter notice – rush fees may apply.

Resume Redesign


This service is for clients 100% satisfied with their existing resume content, but looking for a more organized, reader-friendly, or visually pleasing format. If there’s a certain style or industry you’re focusing on, please note in the Comments section.

Rush My Rez


An add-on for any service, guaranteeing a turnaround time of two business days from the start of our scheduled collaboration. Rushes must be added for each service to be rushed, and please confirm availability prior to purchase.

Special Projects

Price Upon Request

Have something else in mind? Website or speaker bios, essay support for school applications, and even content for professional websites are all fair game. Just reach out, and we’ll work on a quote and timeframe.